Kotlin SQLite Database Tutorial [Build Real App]

A step by step tutorial for implementing SQLite database in Kotlin. I will implement all the database operations (CRUD Operations). We will use SQLiteOpenHelper class to create and manage SQLite database. I will develop a PhoneBook Application where we can read, insert, update and delete the contacts from SQLite database. …

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How To Fix Outdated Kotlin Runtime Problem

If you are developing Android app using Kotlin then you might have come across this problem of Outdated Kotlin Runtime I got this error when I updated Kotlin Plugin Version through Android Studio. It appears due to the different versions of Kotlin Runtime Library and Kotlin Plugin Version. Android Studio …

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Kotlin AsyncTask Tutorial with Example

asynctask kotlin example

Here is an example of implementing AsyncTask in Kotlin. I will create an Android application project in order to implement AsyncTask class. AsyncTask class allows us to perform some tasks in the background without blocking the main thread. AsyncTask is used for short background operations. It also allows us to …

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Android XML Parser Example using XMLPullParser

android xml parser

Parsing XML in Android is pretty simple and easy by using XMLPullParser. There are different types of parsers are available in Android such as Dom, SAS and XMLPullParser. XMLPullParser is the most efficient, easy and the recommended method. In this Android XML Parser example, We will create a small Android application project to demonstrate …

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Kotlin Android Tutorial – Age Calculator App

kotlin android tutorial

If you have the Android Studio version below 3.0, you need to download the Android Studio 3.0 from below link. Android Studio 3.0 has the built-in support for Kotlin. I m using Preview version at this time. It will be available as stable version soon. Download Android Studio 3.0 (Preview …

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Installing Kotlin in Android Studio

install kotlin android studo

Kotlin is a modern language. It provides all the features of a modern language to Android developers. Kotlin is easy to learn and understand. The codes written in Kotlin is clean and simple. New developers will prefer learning Kotlin instead of Java for Android application development, on the other hand, …

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Close Android App Programmatically

close android app programmatically

In this tutorial, I m going to demonstrate how to close android app programmatically with help of a small android application project. You will come across different methods of closing android application programmatically but I m going discuss only those who work for me. How To Close Android or Exit …

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Android HttpURLConnection Example

android httpurlconnection post get

Connecting Android application to a remote server is the most common task in the android application development. Android HttpURLConnection client is the preferred method to connect to a remote server through HTTP. All the network calls use the HTTP to send and receive data. Android HttpURLConnection client supports TLS, streaming uploads …

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Install or Update Android App Programmatically

Update Android App Programmatically

To Install or Update android app programmatically is very simple and easy to implement. Android application can be updated without going through Google Play Store. We can download the apk file from the server and install it programmatically. An apk file will be downloaded by using HttpURLConnection class within AsyncTask. …

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