Android Device Manager Location Unavailable – Solution

Being an Android user you must have faced the problem of unavailability of Android device manager. This error is reported a good number users around the world having different Android devices, therefore, it is not a device specific problem.There are several reasons for getting the Android device manager location unavailable error. I have discussed few of them in this article.

It occurs when your Android device is not able to connect to the Android device manager service. There are several reasons due to which your device is not able to communicate with Android device manager. service.

  • Android phone or any other Android enabled device is out of cellular network
  • Android device is not connected to a wifi network
  • Phone is switched off or battery is dead
  • Location service is off on your device
  • Your Internet connection is not active or extremely slow

How to Fix Android Device Manager Location Unavailable Problem

Internet Connectivity

Check your Internet connection. You have to make sure that your Android device is connected to an active internet connection. Wifi or Mobile data must be turned On

Location Service

Make sure that Location service must be turned On. The location mode should be set to High Accuracy.

Go to Settings => Location => Mode => High Accuracy

android device manager location unavailable

Google Play Service

You should have the latest version of Google Play service. Clear the cache of Google Play service

Setting => Application => All Apps => Google Play Service => Storage => Clear Cache

Android Device Manager Location Unavailable fix

Make sure you have the latest version of Google Play Service if you don’t have the latest version then update it. Once it has been updated reboot your device.

Google Play Store Application

Some users have reported that when they updated Google Play app, Android Device Manager Location Unavailable error has been fixed.

Hardware Problem

Still having the same problem after trying all above solutions then it is highly possible that there is a hardware problem. You need to take it to repair shop.