Android Tutorial – Hello World Application

First of all in this Android Tutorial. I m going to create an android application which will print “Hello World”. I m using Android Studio and Genymotion emulator which is the one the most used emulator for android application development.

Required Tools:

We will use these tools in this series android tutorial

Download Android Studio: Download Genymotion
Download Genymotion Emulator: Download Android Studio

How To Create Application:

Open Android studio and select Start a new project


  • In this step we need to select target device such as mobile phones,Tablets or TV and minimum SDK level. Default values are recommended for targeting most number devices.

    Market share of different Android versions
  • Enter project specific information. Name of the application, Workspace location.
  • Select “Basic Activity” from Activity Selection screen
  • Open activity_main.xml and edit the text in TextView




  • Open the Emulator
  • Press Run to launch your first application

Creating first Android application – Video Tutorial

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