Android GridView Example Using Android Studio

android gridview example

Android GridView is the mostly used ViewGroup. GridView enables us to arrange data in the form of rows and columns. GridView is a two-dimensional scrolling grid. We can populate a cell of GridView with multiple views inside it such as TextView and ImageView. The best way to learn something is …

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Android Service Tutorial With Example

android service tutorial

Android Service is an important component of the android application. Service is an application or an application component which runs in the background. It does not need to communicate with the user or main UI thread. Service is used for long running operations in the background or such tasks which …

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Android Intent Example With Source Code

android intent example

Android Intent is an object, which contains a message of an action to be performed. An intent is used to communicate between different components of application such as Services, Broadcasts and Activities, Services. An intent is a powerful feature. We can also interact with components of other application by using …

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Android JSON Parsing Tutorial

android json tutorial

In this Android JSON parsing tutorial, we will create a sample android application that will parse the JSON and display the data in TextView. JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. It is based on name value pairs. JSON is more readable and light in weight when we compare it with XML. It is …

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Android Tutorial – Hello World Application


First of all in this Android Tutorial. I m going to create an android application which will print “Hello World”. I m using Android Studio and Genymotion emulator which is the one the most used emulator for android application development. Required Tools: We will use these tools in this series …

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